It is a modern facility that will please the ones dreaming of a relaxing holiday to the sound of soft music played in the warmth of a cozy massage room, as well as attract attention of the more restless hearts to the pool with “rapid river” and water cascades, as a place of great fun.


9 AM


9 PM



The Ostoja SPA philosophy is based on two pillars: the use of cosmetics manufactured using the latest Skeyndor technology and our own, natural products.


There is a large, indoor swimming pool featuring two waterfalls and several underwater massage couches. At one bank of the pool you will find a paddling pool for children, and the other a 12- person Jacuzzi. After having some fun in the water you can relax on one of the heated, stone chairs.

In the summer season you can use the outdoor pool with two anti-streams, a small children’s pool and a 4-person Jacuzzi. The pool is adjacent to a Finnish sauna which can be booked for an exclusive use.

Entrance to the Pool and Sauna Area is free for hotel guests.

Timeless prodigy

Stimulate your genes of youth!

This is the most luxurious anti-ageing skincare line by Skeyndor. The innovation of the line is based on the application of three skin rejuvenating strategies in one care treatment. Spectacular effects, such as visibly rejuvenated and regenerated skin are possible through stimulation of the genes of youth.

The abundance of valuable ingredients, including stem cells from damask rose and exclusive extract from white truffle, stimulates the processes of reconstruction and regeneration. The skin becomes elastic, regains its radiance, it is clearly illuminated and smooth. The treatment provides full relaxation and comfort for the whole body.
Treatment additionally enriched with Profusion.

Duration: 90 minutes Price: 490 pln


Global Lift – Lifting Treatment

The anti-age treatment restores the correct shape of the face oval and the structure of the skin. It is a global lifting program that uses peptides, the latest tool in the fight for younger look of the skin.

Treatment additionally enriched with Profusion.

Duration: 80 minutes Price: 350 pln


Corrective – Anti-wrinkle Treatment

It is an alternative to aesthetic medicine. The abundance of stimulating peptides, filling and moisturizing substances ensures immediate improvement of the facial contours and a visible increase in skin elasticity. After the treatment, facial wrinkles are shallower; the skin is more elastic, moisturized and nourished.

Treatment additionally enriched with Profusion.

Duration: 80 minutes Price: 300 pln


Power Oxygen – Oxygenation Treatment

Power Oxygen is an innovative double-action treatment, created specifically to supply the skin with oxygen and create an effective barrier against pollution. It protects and instantly removes impurities from the epidermis, creating a protective film capable of capturing and removing impurities. Treatment dedicated to people with lackluster skin, subjected to daily stress and high exposure to urban pollution.

Duration: 80 minutes Price: 260 pln


Aquatherm – Soothing Treatment

Treatment using soothing effects of thermal water, which through the richness of mineral salts and microelements restores the balance of epidermis metabolism ensuring immediate soothing and strengthening of sensitive skin. After the treatment, the skin regains its firmness and wrinkles are reduced. It is also suitable for women in the second and third trimester of pregnancy.

Duration: 80 minutes Price: 230 pln


Power C+ – Illuminating Treatment

Treatment using intensive effects of 25 percent vitamin C, intended for the skin affected by photoaging, dull skin and the skin of a smoker. Intensively brightens, closes dilated capillaries and supports the production of new collagen, firming the skin.

Duration: 80 minutes Price: 230 pln


Power Hyaluronic – Moisturizing Treatment

Treatment using low- and high-molecular weight hyaluronic acid. Such a combination gives the possibility of intensive skin moisturizing at all levels. Therapy for all skin types in need of intensive hydration.

Duration: 80 minutes Price: 220 pln


Treatment with Collagen Patch

Therapy based on a deeply moisturizing effect of pure collagen. The applied patch stimulates circulation, improves elasticity and firmness of the skin. It soothes irritations and inhibits the formation of free radicals.

Duration: 55 minutes Price: 200 pln


Normalizing Treatment

Therapy for oily and impure skin. It normalizes the main causes of acne: seborrhea, excessive keratosis and bacteria proliferation. As a result, it reduces stains and scars, keeps skin fresh and clean.

Duration: 55 minutes Price: 190 pln


Profusion for Face Treatment “PROFUSION Anti – Age DEVICE”

A device that combines 5 technologies in one therapy. It stimulates collagen regeneration, makes the skin elastic, gives an immediate lifting effect and diametrically increases the power of penetration of active ingredients. The Treatment of Dermocosmetic Profusion is a completely painless and effective method of skin rejuvenation.

Price: 50 pln



Free cancellation of treatments is possible until 9 PM on the day preceding the planned treatment. After this time, a 100% payment is required (added to the hotel invoice).

Spa Senses Energizing Ritual

The ritual is based on oriental philosophy, which believes that man is one with his body, mind and spirit. The treatment combines aromatherapy and chromotherapy in order to harmonize chakras and energy fields. The heart of the treatment is a massage preceded by the application of peeling butter. Recommended for the busy and stressed who want to take a break from everyday life.

Duration: 80 minutes Price: 210 pln


Spa Senses Detoxifying Ritual

Relaxing antioxidant treatment. It begins with a fruit peeling, then a bubble mask with green tea is applied and the final touch gives a massage cream with bamboo extract. The treatment intensively moisturizes, smoothes, soothes and refreshes tired and stressed skin.

Duration: 80 minutes Price: 230 pln


Shirodhara Massage

A treatment that brings you into a state of deep relaxation and soothing. It involves massaging the area between the eyebrows and forehead with a stream of warm oil. Stimulation of the “third eye” area makes you feel pleasure and relaxation. This treatment also releases positive energy, which calms and soothes the mind. The treatment improves the condition of hair, moisturizes it and supports its regeneration.

Treatment performed on mustard oil using the Shirodhara massage device.

Duration: 45 minutes Price: 170 pln



Free cancellation of treatments is possible until 9 PM on the day preceding the planned treatment. After this time, a 100% payment is required (added to the hotel invoice).

Ostoja SPA

Original massage of the whole body and head guaranteeing relaxation, retreat and peace. It is especially recommended for the stressed and tired. An organic olive based on almond oil with lavender, citrus and rosemary oils will soothe your irritated, dry and tired skin.

Duration: 55 minutes Price: 150 pln


Classic Massage

It improves tissue nutrition, has an analgesic effect, regulates the functioning of all systems in our body. It is helpful in the fight against excessive muscle tension and post-workout fatigue. Classic massage combines elements of therapeutic and relaxing massage.

Duration: 55 minutes Price: 150 pln


Relaxing Candle Massage

Candle massage is a combination of a deeply relaxing and calming massage with body care and aromatherapy. The use of candle, which is a composition of beeswax and soya sprout oil, perfectly moisturizes and smoothes dry skin, keeping it silky smooth and wrapped in a beautiful fragrance.

Duration: 55 minutes Price: 160 pln


Hot Chocolate Massage

Full body massage with warm chocolate. It relaxes firms and nourishes the skin and soothes the senses. Recommended for all skin types, both for men and women. It is ideal for anyone who needs deep relaxation. Great not only for chocolate connoisseurs.

Duration: 55 minutes Price: 180 pln


Hot Stone Massage

Performed with hot basalt stones. Deeply warms the body, relieves tension and improves the flow of energy in the body. Recommended for everyone, especially in the cold winter evenings. By combining appropriate massage techniques with the therapeutic effect of heat, it perfectly loosens and deeply relaxes, eliminating excessive muscle tension.

Duration: 80 minutes Price: 220 pln


Back Massage with Hot Stones

Ideal for strained and stretched back. It is a great treatment for loosening tense muscles and relaxing. It provides respite and deep soothing through warm stones.

Duration: 25 minutes Price: 90 pln


Aromatherapeutic Massage for Sore Muscles

It brings relief and relaxation to tired back and neck muscles. Organic olive rich in various essential oils increases blood flow, and has an analgesic and revitalizing effect.

Duration: 25 minutes Price: 80 pln


Face, Neck and Décolletage Massage

It has a beneficial effect on the firmness and elasticity of the skin of the face, neck and décolletage. It prevents the formation of wrinkles and relaxes. The treatment loosens tense muscles, provides a proper flow of energy, soothes and calms down, eliminates tension, headaches and stiffness of the neck.

Duration: 25 minutes Price: 60 pln


Foot Massage

It works on receptors, stimulates and relieves tired and often painful feet. It is made on the basis of organic olives for swollen legs. Recommended also for pregnant women.

Duration: 25 minutes Price: 60 pln


Watermelon Massage for the Youngest

Gentle relaxing massage with watermelon oil for the youngest guests of Ostoja SPA.

Duration: 15 minutes Price: 40 pln



Free cancellation of treatments is possible until 9 PM on the day preceding the planned treatment. After this time, a 100% payment is required (added to the hotel invoice).

All the following treatments are performed on 100% natural products. We believe in the power of nature.


Touch of Nigella

Face and neck massage recommended for people with eczema, acne lesions, tanning in a solarium. It improves the condition of the skin, especially dry and mature skin, and due to its antioxidant properties, it delays the process of wrinkle formation. Treatment performed with nigella oil. Not recommended for sensitive skin.

Duration: 25 minutes Price: 60 pln


Peeling Massage

The treatment consists of combining a relaxing massage with a peeling, which removes dead skin cells and impurities from the surface of the skin, giving it a healthy look. Nigella peeling combined with aromatic coconut oil moisturizes and regenerates the skin, restoring the feeling of comfort.

Treatment performed with coconut oil along with nigella.

Duration: 55 minutes Price: 170 pln


Bamboo Massage

It is a massage that stimulates deep tissues and leads to immediate relaxation. Performed with the use of special, heated bamboo sticks, it stimulates blood and lymph circulation and relieves pain. Bamboo does not cause allergic reactions. This massage reduces nervous tension, relieves depressive states and improves mood. Massage performed only on the back of the body.

Massage performed with linseed oil.

Duration: 55 minutes Price: 160 pln


Ostoja Hydra, Cleansing and Moisturizing Program

A fully organic and aromatherapeutic treatment based on sea salt peeling and application of a strongly regenerating balm. Apricot, vanilla, orange and ginger oils contained in the products will keep your skin bright, fresh, soft and moisturized.

Duration: 45 minutes Price: 150 pln


Ostoja Slim, Anti-cellulite Program

An organic, complex treatment with a strong anti-cellulite and slimming effect. Both algae, natural oils and aromatherapy oils used to create this treatment cause immediate firmness and smoothness of the skin. Moreover, they stimulate blood and lymph circulation.

Duration: 80 minutes Price: 250 pln



Free cancellation of treatments is possible until 9 PM on the day preceding the planned treatment. After this time, a 100% payment is required (added to the hotel invoice).

The gym in Osada Karbówko is located in a spacious room, which a great advantage is the sunlight peeping through the huge windows.

The gym is equipped with an exercise bike, Orbitec and treadmill.

Salt Cave is sheltered in a unique interior with atmosphere and maritime microclimate. A special heating system makes the salt evaporate, ionize the air negatively and saturate it with bioelements such as iodine, calcium, magnesium or bromine.

Salt Cave perfectly supports the treatment of respiratory disorders, hypothyroidism, allergies and allergic reactions, while being an uncommon place to calm down and relax.


  • indoor swimming pool featuring two waterfalls and several underwater massage couches, a paddling pool for children
  • the outdoor pool with two anti-streams, a small children’s pool and a 4-person Jacuzzi
  • a dry sauna, also called Finnish, a steam room (Roman), an infra-red sauna
  • gym 
  • jacuzzi
  • recreation area with heated stone chairs

PRICE LIST (Wellness & SPA Area, Salt Cave)

One-time entrance to Wellness & SPA Area (swimming pools, saunas, jacuzzi, gym, rolletic massagers)

35pln/ person/ up to 3h

One-time entrance to the Salt Cave

16pln/ person/ 45minutes

Exclusive Finnish sauna reservation. (Advance booking and advance payment is required).

120pln/ up to 2h


Salt Cave: ten 45 – minutes sessions


Ten entries to the Wellness & SPA Area (up to 3h): swimming pools, saunas, Jacuzzi, gym, rolletic massagers