The Hunters Inn is famous for its traditional Polish cuisine, where game dishes and homemade sweets perfectly harmonize with coffee aroma. The Settlement’s  restaurant offers not only the delicious menu, but also cozy interiors and rural atmosphere, a terrace overlooking the river Drweca valley, horses trotting the paddock and the playground for children. This is the place where meals please your sense of taste, aroma – sense of smell, and idyllic views soothe and calm you down.



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It is often called the “heart of the settlement”. The Chef works here to make traditional Polish dishes.

We work on fresh products from local suppliers. We smoke cheese, cold cuts, sausages and various meats. We prepare jam and sauces that complement our dishes. We bake cakes. We cultivate the garden from which the herbs come, giving the dishes excellent taste and aroma.


Osada Karbowko is proud of wide range of their own products, prepared in a natural way, without even a trace of artificial additives or preservatives.

Karbówko smoked cheeses, home-made hams, sausages and fruit preserves evoke memories of grandma’s kitchen where the aroma of apples with cinnamon nice intertwined with the smell of only baked bread.


There are four charming Grill Corners harmoniously fitting the Settlement landscape. The grill Corners are made ​​available to guests planning a family celebration, a corporate event or a barbecue with friends.

Each Grill Corner is arranged to show a slightly different character. The first, that can accommodate about 30 guests is a historic Windmill, the second – up to 60 people is a cozy, hunters site – Hubertowka, with it’s charming fireplace, and the third is a traditional Polish Smithy – a place for up to 100 people. The fourth and the largest one, for up to 1,000 people at one feast, is the Fisherman’s House.


Osada Karbówko is welcoming place not only for guests coming to the Inn, it is also a wide range of banquet services.

A team of qualified chefs and waiters will make every party exquisite serving excellent dishes of Polish and hunting cuisine.


The European Network of Regional Culinary Heritage is an association of restaurateurs, producers and processors from individual regions of Europe, which has a common goal – to preserve and develop regional culinary traditions, characteristic of individual regions.

Hotel Osada Karbówko Wellness & SPA has belonged since 2012 to the European Network of Regional Culinary Heritage. Promote regional products and dishes, as well as to preserve local culinary traditions is our passion.


If you are interested in booking a table at the restaurant, write to us or call.

Please note that reservations for Sunday are only accepted at 1PM.

The reservation to be accepted must be CONFIRMED by the staff of the Restaurant / Reception.


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